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Visible Works Construction & Design has a well-equipped, full service concrete division dedicated to pouring the finest; finished & decorative concrete patio and driveways in Milwaukee and the surrounding area. Concrete (generally speaking) is a combination of basic natural raw materials which consists of: aggregate (crushed stone,) sand and water, combined together with a cement mix. Mix all these raw material components together… and you create a solid concrete surface. Concrete today however, is so much more than a simple, basic solid concrete surface.

We have a separate concrete division within our company dedicated solely to focusing all our available resources to producing exquisite concrete finishes. The staff we employ here at Visible Works Construction & Design consists of seasoned industry professionals backed with years of experience in finishing concrete combined with the tools and knowledge of the industries technological advancements.

Concrete Countertops

Decorative Concrete Patios

Stamped Concrete Patio

Colored Concrete Patio


Stamped & Colored Concrete Patio - Visible Works Construction

Stamped & Colored Concrete Patio - Waukesha, WI

stamped and colored concrete patio visible works construction
stamped and colored concrete patio visible works construction
Stamped & Colored Concrete Patio - Visible Works Construction
Stamped & Colored Concrete Patio - Visible Works Construction

Concrete Driveways

A concrete driveway makes a big first impression when your home is approached.  When it comes to real estate values curb appeal is a major factor. The right concrete driveway design just might improve the overall value of your home.

concrete driveway installers milwaukee visible works

Concrete Driveway Installation - Milwaukee, WI

Concrete Driveway Size Standards

Concrete Driveways vs. Asphalt Driveways

Wisconsin homeowners have a choice when it comes to a new or replacement driveway. Concrete and Asphalt are the two preferred options for driveway replacement.
When making an informed decision about what paving material is best for your driveway it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of both options.


Concrete has an appealing light color that can be transformed into any color to enhance the visual appeal of your backyard. Most Wisconsin homeowners are attracted to that versatility of options rather then the dark asphalt.


Asphalt driveways get too hot for comfort during the summer months because of their dark color. A light-colored concrete driveway stays cool enough even for bare feet during a Wisconsin's summer season.


Unlike asphalt, concrete is solid, hard, and strong. A concrete driveway with retain those characteristics even in extreme Wisconsin weather. Asphalt can soften during hot summer days.


Concrete driveways resist deformation from vehicles or long periods of parking on its surface. Concrete driveway edges are less likely to break down or deteriorate.

Neighborhood Standards

In many neighborhoods and developments in Wisconsin, concrete driveways are the standard. Asphalt driveways can detract from a home’s value and may even be prohibited.

Potholes & Weather Resistance

Rarely will you see potholes and other weather-induced damage on a properly installed and maintained concrete driveway. Cracking can occur as with any driving surface but other damages, such as roots growing through the surface, are less frequent.


A concrete driveway can cost from 40-60% more than an equivalent blacktop driveway but it will have a much longer lifespan.

Concrete Driveway Ideas:
Concrete Network

Concrete Sidewalks

Concrete sidewalks create accessibility throughout the exterior of your property. A concrete sidewalk creates a welcoming feeling for when guests approach your home. Without a concrete sidewalk your home can become a safety hazard especially during Wisconsin Winters. At Visible Works construction we follow city guidelines when installing your concrete sidewalk. Concrete sidewalks can have a enhanced appeal with stamping and coloring options.

stamped concrete sidewalk milwaukee visible works

Stamped Concrete Front Step - Milwaukee, WI

stamped concrete walkway milwaukee visible works

For Wisconsin Homeowners: Concrete Questions and Facts

What does it cost to replace a concrete patio?

There are many factors that go into calculating the cost to install a concrete patio or driveway.  Certainly, a decorative stamped patio versus your standard broom-brush finish is going to increase the cost.  It is important to keep labor costs in mind when presented with a concrete installation price.  It may not be an easy task for our crews to get to the area where you would like your patio installed with the heavy equipment we use during the installation process.  Often times our crew may have to haul material and rubbish by hand because of the location.  All of these things factor into the price of your newly installed concrete patio or concrete driveway.

Do I need to pull any permits for my concrete patio to be installed?

A few towns and municipals in Wisconsin require permits to be pulled when excavating an area.  We will always have the municipal survey the area to mark any electrical or gas lines before excavating.  A permit is typically required when installing an approach on a driveway.  We always follow the municipal guidelines and requirements for concrete installation.

How do I protect my concrete patio from Wisconsin weather?

Living in Wisconsin can bring harsh cold weather in the winter that can cause extreme damage to existing concrete patios and/or driveways. Unfortunately if your concrete patio is not cared for properly during the installation process there is no turning back. By properly curing the concrete during installation, your concrete patio will withstand those horrible Wisconsin Winters. The curing process allows the concrete to hydrate and gain strength, especially on the surface. Spraying on cures or keeping the hardened surface moist are two ways to cure a concrete patio. After the concrete has cured for 28 days, you should add a penetrating sealer which should protect the concrete for at least five years. At Visible Works Construction we take all the steps necessary to protect your concrete leaving you with a maintenance free concrete patio that will last a very long time.

Curing and Sealing Concrete in Wisconsin

Other suggestions for protecting your concrete patio during Wisconsin's Winter season:

  • Keep your concrete patio free of snow and ice at all times.
  • Never use de-icing chemicals on your concrete, particularly those containing ammonium nitrate. Although these chemicals may be sold as de-icers, they aggressively attack and deteriorate your concrete surfaces. SAND is recommended to provide traction in the winter.
  • Use a sealer on your exterior concrete (including your garage floor) to limit its contact with moisture. Install eaves and downspouts to channel water away from your concrete surfaces.
  • Fill the saw joints with a flexible expansion caulk material to prevent moisture from getting under your slab.
  • Park your vehicles in your garage during inclement winter weather in Wisconsin, especially during the first winter with your new concrete driveway. limit the exposure of your exterior concrete driveway to chemicals and moisture by parking your car in the garage. Snow, ice and de-icing chemicals can collect into the fender wells of your vehicle and drip on your concrete.
  • *Very Important! Never salt your concrete patio, driveway or walkway for the first year after it has been poured.

    Why choose a concrete patio over pavers?

    Some homeowners like the look of pavers but are not aware that a concrete patio can look identical to pavers and last longer. By coloring and stamping the concrete you can create the illusion of brick, tile or stone. Broken pieces are just one drawback from using pavers. Pavers can also separate from each other allowing weeds to grow in-between them. Stamped Concrete patios won’t have those issues since it is one solid piece of concrete.

    concrete driveway installers milwaukee visible works

    Why choose a concrete patio over wood decking?

    A concrete patio is most preferred over wood decking because concrete is much more durable and long-lasting. Maintenance for a concrete patio is less costly and time-consuming. Wood decks can be an asset to a backyard but still have several drawbacks such as warping, splintering and routine sealing. With a stamped concrete patio you can create the illusion of a wood surface without the hassles of repair and replacement.

    Concrete Patio Shape and Design

    That are several factors that can dictate the shape of your concrete patio:

  • Your property's shape and size
  • What you plan to use the patio for
  • The style of your home and garden
  • Square Concrete Patio

    Round Concrete Patio

    Free-Form Concrete Patio

    There is a lot more work that goes into laying concrete than simply digging a hole, pouring concrete and hoping that the finished product will last. At Visible Works Construction & Design you can be sure that you have a well-qualified team of experts dedicated to doing your project; on & off site. We will do it right the first time and when we leave your property, rest assured that our work will be visible; and our work will last…

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