Visible Works Construction is proud to have a separate division of the company focused solely on you and the remodel of your space.
Our remodeling division, Visibly Better™ Interiors specializes in the interior of your home, office space or building.
Services include Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Building Renovation, 3-d renderings, architectural plans and interior design.

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Our Design Services

The main purpose of our interior & architectural designers is to maximize the construction process & experience by creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing interior space. Our designers here at Visible Works Construction & Design contribute so much value to a renovations project from their in depth decorating insight of selecting finishes; to the technical building requirements that go into a project of this magnitude. This is just one of the many ways our designers are adding an incredible amount of value to the overall process, for both us as a company; as well as to you the property owner, which starts well before your project even begins.

The interior and architectural designers here at Visible Works Construction & Design are critical to the proper planning of any renovation project in terms of producing the proper floor plan layouts from the architectural perspective; to the selection & coordinating of the finishes used in a space that define the interior aspects in both residential & commercial spaces. Our designers work closely with the property owners as well as the project managers during the initial planning stages of a project as well as throughout the project; ensuring that the end result produced is a visible work of art.

In fact, an incredible amount of behind the scenes and due-diligence work goes on before a job starts and it is common practice for our entire team to spend approximately 30 hours on a particular project well before a construction crew arrives to do the work. Our designers assist in the creation of comfortable, functional living spaces for both residential home owners’ as well as for commercial property owners’ wanting to maximize their spaces as well as their budgets.

Before our designers show up to assist you, there are many factors that should be taken into consideration beforehand, and will vary depending on if this a residential or commercial space.

  • Is the proposed project going to be on the 1st floor, 2nd floor, other floor such as a basement, attic space or are you planning on adding actual square footage altogether?
  • What are your intentions for using the new space? Rec room, much more functional needed space, family room etc.?
  • What is the timeline for proposed project? Now, next 6 months, or next few years?
  • Do you have a set budget for the proposed project?
  • Do you already have a “Design or Layout” of the space in which your project is going to be done?
  • Do you already have finishes that have been already “Pre-selected” such as the flooring, cabinets, counter-tops, fixtures, hardware, lighting, colors, etc.?
  • Have you taken such things as the “Mechanicals” in the space being upgraded such as HVAC, lighting, plumbing and electrical into consideration?

It’s all too common and easy for property owners to get overwhelmed in the planning phase of a renovation project. Then add doing the project itself combined with all the financial ramifications, you can see how easy it is to get frustrated; even at this early stage of the process.

Our dedicated team of designers here at Visible Works Construction & Design make it easy for you by assisting you in simplifying the entire remodeling process.

Kitchen Remodel

We are here for you every step of the way, ensuring that your dream project whether it is for a commercial space or for a residential space; doesn't turn into an ongoing un-achievable project that can easily turn a once intangible dream, into a real life nightmare; which unfortunately happens all too often in this industry.
The way that our company and designers work; is by approaching this process from the beginning of the design stage, to the actual renovating process by breaking this entire process down into “Phases.”

Design Phases:

Phase I —
Planning & Preparing (Designs & Ideas Phase)
Phase II — Designing the Plans & Selecting Finishes (Picking out finishes & space layouts)
Phase III — Finalizing Construction Plans / Designs & re-Selected Finishes
Phase IV — Scheduling Work to be done with tradesman including coordinating all the logistics
Phase V — Executing the Production of your Project

It is at this beginning phase that our designers are an incredible asset to you especially when you are in this first phase of the renovations process.

When working with the designers within our company; you can expect the following:

  • Initial meeting with you; the property owners in your residential or commercial space to discuss your ideas, plans and or requirements for the desired renovation in terms of altering an existing space or in the adding of more square footage.
  • Discussing the various interior design options in which our company can assist in for the realization of your ideas by advising you on the specific details of floor plan layouts including color selections for the space, flooring options, plumbing & electrical finishes, cabinet & counter top selections and dozens of interior preferences that will complement your individual styles & tastes.
  • They will then move into the technical aspect in terms of the preparation of the actual floor plan layouts, designs sketches and renderings which will be essential for the construction phase. This also includes the meeting of all local & building code requirements, your financial budgets, as well as the timelines and other construction specifics in the renovating process that comes into play at this stage of the planning process.
  • Our designers will work closely with you in the beginning phases, and will also work hand in hand with our remodeling team overseeing the production of the blueprints and design layouts to be used on site. Our designers will also work closely with the project managers ensuring that everything is done according to your requirements, while being readily available if changes are needed. Especially when working on existing and older structures; where changes are sometimes necessary, our designers remain involved to ensure those changes are done in a timely manner so timelines are being met and projects stay within budget.

There is a lot more work that goes into designing a unique space than simply laying out a basic drawing together and hoping that the finished product that you once envisioned turns out to be the actual produced project you hoped for.

Visible Works Construction & Design can take your project from imagination to realization.

Take the first step in realizing your dream by calling us today and let our design team do the rest!

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