Our Company

Visible Works Construction & Design is a company located in Wisconsin; with over 17 years of construction experience behind it, employing a team of industry professionals dedicated to surpassing the expectations of residential & commercial property owners who utilize our services.

We specialize in the renovation process from the pre-planning design phase, to the actual production & construction phase, all the way to the end result of producing & realizing a unique finished product.

We provide design services in the form of interior and architectural designs, the producing of the renovations project, as well as two divisions of the company dedicated to producing residential & commercial roofing & concrete services.


Our Core Values & Mission

Our philosophy for being in business within the construction industry is simple; we are in business today to serve you; the customer, residential homeowners and commercial property owners alike.

Our core belief is that you; deserve the absolute best possible service achievable within this fractured & troubled industry.

After over 17 years of all aspects of construction experience, we have witnessed the tragedies of this industry from projects not completed (or started) on time. Projects being unjustly over budget, poor workmanship, inconsistencies of what was promised to what is the finished product as well as contractors & companies that are here today & gone tomorrow, many times leaving the property owners with unfinished jobs. Many times the projects undertaken in our industry can be a considerable financial investment (as well as extremely time consuming) for property owners whether it be on a residential home or a commercial property. There is simply nothing worse than a project that was once considered “dream project” or a strategic commercial renovation for a business, gone horribly wrong.

Although there are a few good companies out there today, the need for great service is simply too much and unfortunately these tragedies happen all too often. The bottom line… we feel this is completely unacceptable!

Simply stated: Visible Works Construction & Design is a different company altogether. Our values in the way we conduct business is different, we work differently than our competitors, and our work is clearly Visibly Better.™ 


Our Services

One of the many ways we compliment the renovation process; is through our experienced & talented design team.

The interior and architectural designers here at Visible Works Construction & Design are critical to the proper planning of any renovation project in terms of producing the proper floor plan layouts from an architectural perspective. Selection of the finishes used in a space that define the interior aspects in both residential & commercial spaces are also critical; and our designers work closely with the property owners and project managers ensuring that the end result is truly a visible work of art.

Visible Works Construction & Design has a well-equipped, full service concrete division dedicated to pouring the finest; finished & decorative concrete surfaces around.

Our concrete team consists of seasoned industry professionals backed with years of experience in finishing concrete combined with the tools and knowledge of the industries technological advancements.

When most people think of concrete, they think of a dull, gray colored surface with somewhat bumpy textures (if any type of texture or style of finish at all). Although there may be some truth to that old idea of what concrete is; modern advances in concrete mixing, setting and finishing techniques have allowed concrete finish professionals to achieve an endless variety of texture effects, unique patterns & impressions. Now add the vast array of coloring options and we now have the ability to make a once “dull” form of material; into a visible work of art.

Our concrete professionals work long and hard ensuring that each and every concrete project we produce is a custom work of art, tailored to the likes and specifications of each and every property owner.

Our roofing division specializes in residential steep sloped roofs, as well as the more complex commercial roofing projects that most companies tend to shy away from due to the complexities that these jobs bring.

We have large roofing crews in place to ensure that we are able & capable of executing roofing projects fast and efficiently; minimizing the inconvenience replacing an entire roofing system may cause to homeowners, commercial property owners and visitors alike.

Although we are able to work efficiently, we have a unique strict 2-step inspection process in place to ensure “Quality Control” and that all newly installed areas have been thoroughly installed to manufacturer’s specifications as well as to the specifications within the scope of work promised to the property owner.


Our Team of Professionals

The professionals we have on our staff employed here at Visible Works Construction & Design who work both directly with you; as well as indirectly in the “behind the scenes”, come from a variety of areas from within the construction industry.

They are knowledgeable, experienced professionals who are not only talented in their area of expertise, but also have a level of passion for what they do and they put that passion into every project we undertake. Which is clearly visible in each finished project.

All our people from our in-house office staff, or our designers to the job-site installers; are a team that have acquired an in depth knowledge and expertise from many years of being in the construction industry.

Our pool of acquired talent ensures that you always receive the best possible service before, during and after your project. Making your experience with us here at Visible Works Construction & Design a visibly better one.

One of our greatest points of difference from other companies, is that we have our own market research department that constantly searches for ways to offer you a “better” experience; with the best products available all while being efficient and environmentally friendly. “Better” is a practice that we relentlessly pursue. This practice is another one of our core beliefs that make us different and that give us the competitive edge to not be “just another construction & design company”.

The combined effort from our team working together with the common goal of surpassing your expectations is clearly visible in our work & the difference we are making within the construction industry is visibly better in so many ways…

Call us today and experience the difference!