Visible Works Construction is proud to have a separate division of the company focused solely on you and the remodel of your space.
Our remodeling division, Visibly Better™ Interiors specializes in the interior of your home, office space or building.
Services include Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Building Renovation, 3-d renderings, architectural plans and interior design.

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Remodeling Services

At Visible Works Construction & Design you can be sure that you have a qualified team of experts dedicated to the execution of your remodeling project from start to finish, on & off site. We will do it right the first time and when we leave your property, rest assured that our work will be visible; and our work will last….

on time. on budget. visibly better.

There are many critical areas that need to be considered when undergoing any in-depth renovation project. The planning and preparing of these projects can go on for months and sometimes even for years; which at times can become overwhelming. Especially if you’re not experienced in doing these types of projects. Planning these projects is much easier and so much more efficient when you have a team of professionals assisting you along the way. It is also helpful to view this process in terms of “phases” rather than one huge project with countless tasks that need to be addressed. This viewpoint helps tremendously by allowing the entire renovation process to be broken down individually and simplifies all the tasks associated with getting a project of any size started as well as finished within a reasonable amount of time.

These phases are as follows:

Phase I — Planning & Preparing (Designs & Ideas Phase)

Phase II — Designing the Plans & Selecting Finishes (Picking out finishes & space layouts)

Phase III — Finalizing Construction Plans / Designs & Pre-Selected Finishes

Phase IV — Scheduling Work to be done with tradesman including coordinating all the logistics

Phase V — Executing the Production of the Project

At Visible Works Construction & Design you can be sure that you have a well-qualified construction company as well as a team of experts dedicated to producing your project. We take your project from imagination; to realization, guaranteeing you our work will be a “visible work” of art, done right and one that will last….

Take the first step in realizing your dream by calling us today and let our team of experts do the rest!

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